DOE Pro Stops Unexpectedly

Symptom: When using DOE Pro (all builds), Excel stops working or crashes when creating a design, running regression, optimizing or plotting. 

Cause: Office 365 version 2012 (both builds 13530.20316 and 13530.20376) is incompatible with some Excel 4 Macro code. 

Solution: Microsoft has fixed the problem with Office version version 2101 Build 13628.20274. For most office users, you can update by starting Excel and selecting “File” then “Account”. Then find the box labeled “Update Options” and select “Update Now” (see below). 

v2101 build 13628.20274

Update Office

Some user’s opt to manually control their office version. Below are the instructions for how to change to a different office version manually. 

How to change to other office versions

Microsoft’s instructions for how to change office versions can be found at the link below.

Microsoft’s instructions for how to revert can be found at the link below or by clicking the box to the right:

How to determine which version of Excel you have. 

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