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Quantum XL includes Statistical Tools, Design of Experiments, and Monte Carlo Simulation in one easy-to-use Excel Add-In. 

Statistical Tools

Control Charts, Capability Analysis (Cpk), Histograms, Pareto, Hypothesis Testing, Measurement System Analysis (MSA), Distribution Fitting, Reliability Modeling, Transformations, Decision Trees, Problem Solving Templates, QFD/Pugh/FMEA Templates, and much more. 


Design Of Experiments (DOE)

  • Design Wizards to help you select the best design for the problem

  • Support for Full/Fractional Factorial, Central Composite, Box-Behnken, Plackett-Burman, Custom, and D-Optimal Designs

  • Least squares and Logistic Regression Analysis

  • Automatic support for categorical predictor variables

  • Optimization, Surface, and Interaction Plot

Monte Carlo Simulation

  • Insanely Fast Monte Carlo Simulations. In excess of One Million simulations per second for simple models. 

  • Mersenne Twister Random Number Generation

  • Support for most continuous and discrete distributions, as well as defining a custom distribution from data. 

  • Latitude, Surface, and Contour Plots

  • True Multi-Objective stochastic optimization and Percent Contribution plots