Your Data is in Excel. Why isn’t Your Analysis?

DOE Pro Contour Plot
DOE Pro Contour Plot

doe designs to solve your problem

DOE Pro XL includes 2 Level Full and Fractional Factorial designs, 3 Level Full Factorial, Taguchi, Plackett-Burman, Central Composite, Box - Behnken, and Custom Designs. If you need help, use the Computer Aided design selection feature to pick the best design for your problem.


Analyze your design using Multiple Regression, ANOVA, Multiple Plots, Marginal Means (Main effects) Plots, Residual Analysis, and more.

optimization and prediction

DOE Pro XL includes a powerful optimization engine capable of optimizing multiple responses at the same time. Prediction is designed into an Excel sheet making it exceptionally easy to use.

Excel Integration

DOE Pro XL integrates into Excel, streamlining your workflow and saving you time.