Design for Six Sigma (DFSS) Training

Our Six Sigma and Design for Six Sigma (DFSS) courses can be taught at your facility or you can attend one of our public seminars. If you do not have an established training office or facility, ask about our turn-key training solution which provides a local venue, course registration, course evaluation, and more.

DFSS Green Belt

Our DFSS Green Belt program is a two-week course which includes printed course materials and the software Quantum XL and Pro-Test. The course was created for design engineers with the simple goal of making them more effective in designing products to meet the customers’ requirements. Our approach to training includes multiple hands-on exercises, including the optimization of a self-balancing inverted pendulum robot. 

Introduction to DFSS
Obtaining Product Requirements
Design Scorecard
System and Functional Partitioning
Pugh Concept Selection and Functional Modeling
Identifying and Controlling Key Critical Design Variables
Statistical Concepts for Design
Hypothesis Testing
Measurement System Analysis (MSA)
MSA for Design and Development
Attribute MSA
Failure Modes and Effects Analysis Introduction (Optional)

Introduction to DFSS
Introduction to Regression
Introduction to DOE
Regression Analysis
Two-Level Designs
Three-Level Designs
DOE Summary
Expected Value Analysis
Robust Design
Tolerance Design
Introduction to Reliabililty
Validation Techniques

DFSS Black Belt

Our DFSS Black Belt program is a one-week course which builds on the Green Belt course. Rather than a “one size fits all” approach, our DFSS Black Belt course is typically customized for each client to meet their specific needs. We have found that different clients will need different skills depending on their industry and goals.

Advanced MSA Techniques
Advanced Hypothesis Testing
Regression Diagnostics
Generic and Engineering Based Transformation
Qualitative Input Variables in DOE
Blocking in DOE
Binary Logistic Regression
Nominal Logistic Regression
Optimization of Deterministic Simulators
Historical Data Analysis
D-Optimal Designs
Power and Sample Size
Introduction to Reliability Modeling

DFSS Executive Overview

Our DFSS Executive Overview is for executives and managers who lead design groups. The course provides an introduction to DFSS and an overview of the methodology. This one day course includes printed course materials.

DFSS Introduction and Motivation
Introduction to IDOV
Identification of Customer and Business Requirements
Design Overview
Optimization of Key Design Variables
Design Validation Overview