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  Your data is in Excel. Why isn’t your analysis?

New Version! Quantum XL version 17 is now available!

Most licensed users of Quantum XL 2016 are eligible for a free upgrade to Quantum XL version 17. Click here for more information.

Statistical tools

Control Charts, tHistograms, Pareto, Hypothesis Test, Measurement Systems Analysis, Capability Analysis, Decision Trees, and much more..

design of experiments (DOE)

Full and Fractional Factorial, Central Composite Designs, Box-Behnken, D-Optimal, Regression Analysis, Plotting, Optimization, Residual Analysis, with Wizards and a Regression Adviser to help you along the way.

Monte Carlo simulation

Insanely fast Monte Carlo Simulations (>2 Million per second for simple models), Mersenne Twister Random Number Generation, Multiple Distributions, Custom Distributions, and True Stochastic Optimization.

Excel Integration

Quantum XL integrates into Excel, streamlining your workflow and saving you time.