SimWare Pro  

Practice Makes Perfect

SimWare Pro Space Shuttle Multiple Engine Simulator

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Practice your skills in your favorite statistical software package. SimWare Pro will export data to Excel, Comma Separated Values (CSV) file, Tab delimited file, or to the clipboard. 

Run DOEs quickly by selecting the design and choosing the variables. Export the data to your favorite statistical software, build models, and then validate back in SimWare. Choose from these designs…

  • 2-Level Full and Half Factorial
  • 3-Level Full Factorial
  • Taguchi L12
  • Plackett-Burman 20 Run
  • Central Composite Design (CCD)
  • Box-Behnken Design

Use in-app Cpk, Control Charts, and Histograms to validate the model or to demonstrate the effect of changing variables. 

Export data to practice a variety of statistical tools. The inputs (independent variables) can be modified during export or remain static. Example analysis include hypothesis testing, capability analysis, control charts, scatter plot, correlation analysis, time series analysis, etc. 

SimWare includes one simulator which provides control over both the mean and standard deviation of the inputs. By using a combination of both DOE and Monte Carlo simulation, this enables you to practice tolerance allocation.