Statistics Training

Our statistics courses can be taught at your facility or you can attend one of our public seminars. If you do not have an established training office or facility, ask about our turn-key training solution which provides a local venue, course registration, course evaluation, and more.

Statistical Tools and Techniques Training

Our Statistical Tools and Techniques course serves as an introduction to basic statistical analysis. The 3 to 4.5 day course includes printed course materials and our ever popular software, Quantum XL.

Statistical Measures
Capability Indices
Understanding Variation
Hypothesis Testing
Graphical Analysis
Control Charting
Measurement System Analysis (MSA)

Measurement System Analysis

This 2 to 3 day training class covers Measurement System Analysis (MSA) or Gage Capability Analysis concept. The course includes printed training materials and Quantum XL Software.

Statistical Concepts
Measurement System Analysis
Attribute MSA
MSA in Product Development (Optional)
Advanced MSA Concepts (Optional)
– Type 1 MSA
– Non-Replicable Measurement Systems (Destructive Testing)
– Multi-Component Measurement Systems

Quality Function Deployment (QFD) Training

QFD is one of our newest and most sought-after courses. It is a 1.5 day class that includes printed course materials and our exceedingly popular QFD software, SnapSheets XL. The course is designed for marketing members and design engineers.

Motivation and Introduction to QFD
House of Quality #1 (Kano’s Model, Sources of Data, CTQ Development)
System Design and Partitioning
House of Quality #2 (Critical Design Parameter (CDP))