SPC XL Pricing

SPC XL is available as either an individual user perpetual license or as a shared license for multiple users across an organization. SPC XL is also available in a bundle with DOE Pro XL at a reduced price. 

# Licenses Price per Perpetual License(s)
1-4 Licenses $249
5-10 Licenses $229
11-20 Licenses $209
21-50 Licenses $189
51-100 Licenses $169
101-250 Licenses $149
251+ Licenses $130

Annual Multi-User 

Benefit from our flexible concurrent user licensing. 

  • Install SPC XL on unlimited computers for concurrent use by 20 or more users.
  • License fee each year dependent on the number of concurrent users. 
  • Free upgrades with no additional cost

For more information email sales@sigmazone.com.

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