Virtual Catapult

Practice Design of Experiments (DOE) 

  • One output (also called response or dependent variable)
  • Five inputs (also called factors or independent variables)

Practice Design of Experiments (DOE) 

  • Two outputs (also called responses or dependent variables)
  • Six inputs (also called factors or independent variables)

SigmaZone’s virtual catapults are Copyright (C) Usage is free for personal and commercial use. 

Virtual Catapult Grid Interface

Our grid interface makes collecting data for the virtual catapults much faster than the visual interface. 

MSA, Hypothesis Test, and Cpk

MSA Penguin
Lens Placement Simulator

Practice Executing a Measurement System Analysis (MSA)

Practice Process Capability (Cpk/Ppk) or Hypothesis Testing with our Lens Placement Simulator

Statistical Demos

Interaction Demo

Demo of interaction and quadratics on a 3D surface

Interaction Plot with Surface Plot