Support – How To Use A Coupon Code When Purchasing Quantum XL

Owners of Quantum XL 2013 recieve a discount when purchasing Quantum XL 2016. For more information contact [email protected]. To use your discount code, go to the Quantum XL Purchase page and click “Buy Now”. You will be taken to our eCommerce Partner’s website MyCommerce (see the image below).  First, adjust the quantity then click “Order Now”. 

Quantum XL Coupon Code Step 1


You will then be taken to the next page (see below). Find the words “Redeem Coupon Code” and click. When you do, a box will appear which will allow you to enter the coupon code provided by our staff. Enter this code and press “update”. Enter your billing details and then click “Buy Now”. 


Quantum XL Coupon Code Step 2

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