Quantum XL 2009 Articles

Quantum XL 2009 includes numerous new features including more flexible model building, latitude plots, percent contribution plots, support for 13 distributions, and much more.

Flexible Model Building

Quantum XL supports multiple model building methods.

  • Free form model building (any cell can be an input/output).
  • Input Output Sheets (IPO Sheets)
  • Importing Models from DOE Pro
  • Merging Designs

Model Analysis

  • Rocket Mode Emulation enables up to 2,000,000 simulations per second
  • Support for 9 continuous distributions, 4 discrete distributions, and custom distributions
  • True stochastic optimization (Parameter Design)
  • Percent Contribution Calculations and Plotting
  • Tolerance Allocation
  • Sensitivity Analysis
  • Surface and Contour Plots
  • Latitude Plots

Model Building – Quantum XL includes several ways to build models. The article on Simple Monte Carlo Analysis using Quantum XL gives you the key facts to run Monte Carlo simulations quickly.

Latitude Plots

Latitude Plots are a visual representation of the expected variation region vs. the available latitude window. Below are the links to a series of five articles to help you understand and create these powerful plots.

Part I – Understanding Latitude Plots

Part II – Understanding Latitude Plots

Part III – Interpreting Latitude Plots

Part IV – Multiple Inputs and Latitude Plots

Part V – Creating Latitude Plots

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