Pro-Test Tutorial

Pro-Test generates all pairs test cases (also known as Covering Arrays and High Throughput Testing). Consider the testing of a computer printer. We want to ensure that our printer is capable of printing in the consumer’s environment with the following factors.
  • Temperatures from 0° to 120°
  • Humidity from 0% to 80%
  • Paper Width from 5 inches to 8.5 inches
We then define the “factors” as Temperature, Humidity, and Paper Width. Each of these factors can have two or more levels. For example, we may opt to test only at the extremes. Thus, Temperature will have two levels; Level 1 = 0° and Level 2 = 120°. From here, start Pro-Test as you would any other Windows application. Click on “Factors and levels” and then type in all three factors and levels as you see below.
Pro-Test Factors and Levels
At this point, you’re ready to generate all the pairs. Click on the yellow 2 with a circle.
Pro-Test will generate all the 2-ways (also called all pairs) test cases. The screen shot below depicts the four test cases that are required to cover all the 2-ways. Your result might differ as there is a random element to the algorithm; however, you should get four test cases and all pairs will be covered. Test case 1 has us run a test with Paper Weight = 130lb Bond, Duplex = With Duplex, and Area Coverage = 15%. If you run all four test cases, you will have tested all possible pairs. 
Pro-Test Results


In some cases, certain pairs are not feasible. Constraints allow you to enter these constraints so that Pro-Test will not generate the infeasible pairs. For example, our printer is not required to duplex 130lb bond paper. To enter this constraint into Pro-Test, click on the “Constraints” icon and enter the following. This reads as … If Factor “Paper Weight” is at level “130lb Bond” then Factor “Duplex” can’t be “With Duplex”.
Pro-Test Constraints
Press the 2 button again to generate all the pairs. It might be surprising that you end up with five test cases now instead of four. The reason is relatively simple. In order to pair 130lb Bond with Area Coverage 15% and 75%, it must be done “through” No duplex. 

Previous Test

You can use the Previous Test view to enter test cases that have already been completed or test cases that you want to run. Pro-Test will generate all the test cases required to augment the Previous Test to cover all pairs. For example, in the last printer we had a hard time with 16lb Bond being duplexed with 15% area coverage. The program manager has dictated this test must be completed. Enter this by clicking on the “Previous Test” icon. Then enter the factors and levels below. Afterwards, press the 2 icon again and Pro-Test will generate all the test cases required in addition to this previous test to cover all pairs.
Pro-Test Previous Test

Pro-Test Views

Pro-Test views are defined using the margin on the left. You can easily switch between “Factors and Levels”, “Constraints”, “Previous Test”, and “Test Cases”. 
Pro-Test Overview