Support – Finding Your Serial Number/CD Key

A commonly asked question is “Where do I find my serial number”?

Your serial number (also called a CD Key) is very important. We, like most software companies, keep track of legal users by using this key.

Method #1: If you still have the software installed, select “About” from the product’s menu. The serial number for your application should be displayed in the window along with your name and company name. For example, if you are looking for your SPC XL serial number you would start SPC XL, then select “SPC XL” – “About SPC XL” from the menu. If your are looking for your DOE Pro serial number, you would select “DOE Pro” – “About DOE Pro”. If you still can’t find your serial number, proceed to method #2.

Method #2: If you purchased a CD copy of the product (as opposed to a download) then look on the back of the CD Packaging. The serial number should be displayed. Typically it is two letters followed by 4 numeric digits and then 6 numeric digits. For example SX-1234-123456. If it has been a long time since your purchase, it might be 9 numeric digits.

Method #3: If you purchased your product online, then your serial number should be included in the confirmation email. In the case of SPC XL, it is likely that the serial number is 9 numeric digits. All other product serial numbers would be two letters followed by 4 numeric digits and then 6 numeric digits.

Method #4: If your purchase went through a corporate IT or purchasing office, please contact them to obtain your serial number.

If you still can’t find your key then it is probable that you purchased the software so long ago that you are not eligible for a free upgrade. Fear not; if this is the case, you can contact Air Academy Associates at 719-531-0777 and for a modest fee they will confirm your purchase and issue you a new key.