Dual Cpk

Optionally include a second dataset in your Cpk Diagrams. Both bell curves are displayed on the same chart for easy comparison. 
SPC XL v 20 Dual Cpk

New Histogram

The histogram has been completely redesigned to include better X Axis labeling, distribution fitting, and defects per million calculations. If no distribution is fit, defects per million are calculated based on observed defects . 
SPC XL v20 Histogram

Tukey HSD Test with One Way ANOVA

Tukey’s Honest Significant Difference Test is now optionally included with One Way ANOVA. Tukey’s HSD test compares all possible pairs of means to determine which specific groups are different. 
Tukey HSD Test

Agreement Metrics with Attribute MSA

Attribute MSA now includes agreement metrics comparing each operator with themselves, other operators, and references (if provided). 
MSA Agreement Metrics

Multiple Regression Now Includes Prediction

Enter set points for each factor and SPC XL will now predict the mean for the supplied set points. 
Regression With Prediction

Other New Features

  • New user interface design with larger font

  • All files now in .xlam and/or .xlsx for security and compatibility

  • Weibull MLE algorithm updated for faster distribution fitting

  • Numerous other changes