Frequently Asked Questions

Quantum XL, SPC XL, DOE Pro XL, and ShapSheets XL all require Microsoft Excel. 

SimWare Pro and Pro-Test are standalone applications that do not require Microsoft Excel but do run only on Windows. 

No, all our software requires Windows. However, you can run Windows on a Mac using Boot Camp or an emulator like VM Ware Fusion or Parallels.

The best method is to uninstall the software from the first computer and then install on the new computer. If it is too late to uninstall, send an email to us at with your serial number (CD Key) and we will enable the license on our end. 

A serial number is a unique code that was issued to you when your purchased your software license. If you recived a physical shipment, then the serial number is on the packaging the CD came in. If you purchased the software online, then the serial number was emailed to you. 

Serial numbers are in the following formats. 

  • Quantum XL: Either QXL2016-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX or QXL-XXXX-XXXXXX (2013 version)
  • SnapSheets XL: QX-XXXX-XXXXXX
  • SimWare Pro: SW-XXXX-XXXXXX

Please email proof of purchase to 

All of our current software is compatible with both 64-bit Windows and 64-bit Office (Excel).