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SigmaZone Training and Consulting Testimonials

DFSS Green BeltJune 23-27, 2008Best stats course ever taken!
Training material was full of useful information with lots of
practical examples and exercises.
This Six Sigma course should be taken as a reference or
standard for future trainings.
The course was excellent and was presented in the best
possible way.
Medical Devices Industry
DFSS Green BeltOct 27-31, 2008Excellent performance. 
Excellent knowledge!
Very good mix between exercise and PP presentation. 
Trainer could explain the statistical concepts really well,
made it easier to understand. 
Oil and Gas Industry
DFSS Green BeltFeb 23-26, 2009Philip Mayfield did excellent job to motivate around a
normal "day" subject.
Good mix of instruction and exercises.
Telecommunications Industry
DFSS Green BeltDec 7-11, 2009Trainer is very good.
Telecommunications Industry
DFSS Green BeltJan 25-29, 2010Very deep understanding on the area.
Excellent. He kept the class lively and was clear in
explaining/introducing new tools.
Good trainer/good course. I recommend (inside Nokia) this
Good and motivating style to teach.
Telecommunications Industry
DFSS Green BeltApril 12-16, 2010Very good skill on explaining and keeping others engaged in
the class.
  Good training, thank you!
Heavy Machinery Industry
Systems Engineering
Green Belt
July 12-16, 2010Philip is an energetic and engaging instructor. He kept the
pace appropriate to the class and subject matter and seems
to have strong grasp of the material.
Phil Mayfield is extremely knowledgeable in the subject.  He
was well-prepared with excellent exercises.  He also is a very
talented teacher.  The class is lucky to have an instructor with
his skills.
Possibly the best instructor I've had for a work training class.
I have actually already began to apply the SE GB to my daily
(The Set Based design exercise) was the best class exercise I
have ever had. It was an outstanding way to really learn the
The quality of the instruction maintained my interest for the
entire week.
I love all of it!
I enjoyed the discussion of tools and techniques which can
bring organizational efficiency and improvements. This was
was a nice departure from the EM GB and BB training. CPM,
requirements flow down, IPOs, A3s and obtaining customer
requirements are immediately applicable to my work.
Consumer Electronics Industry
DFSS Green BeltSept 6-10, 2010Good trainer who has long experience in field for the topic.
Great trainer, fun and knowledgeable, very competent.
Good trainer who kept motivation on.
Consumer Electronics Industry