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DOE PRO XL Features

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DOE PRO XL is an Excel add-in which gives users powerful yet easy-to-use DOE (Design of Experiments) capabilities. From within Excel you will be able to create designs, analyze designs using multiple regression, plot results, optimize, and predict.

Create Designs

  • Hundreds of included 2 and 3 level designs - Includes full factorial, fractional factorial, Taguchi, Central Composite Designs, Box-Behnken, and more.
  • Computer Aided Design Selection Wizard - Helps you select the right design for your project.
  • Non-Computer Aided - Advanced users can go straight to the desired design.
  • Full and Fractional Factorial Builder - Build full and fractional factorial designs up to 11 factors and 128 runs.
  • Custom Designs - Create your own multi-level design. Choose between coded and standardized inputs.
  • Historical Data Analysis - Analyze existing data.
  • Up to 26 inputs and 20 Responses (outputs)

Analyze Designs

  • Multiple Response Regression with simultaneous modeling of both Y-hat and S-hat
  • ANOVA Analysis
  • Uncoded Regression Coefficients
  • Residual Analysis (Studentized, R-Studentized, Leverage, and Cook's D)
  • Aliasing Pattern Detection (with 9 Factors or less)
  • Multiple Plots

Optimization Tools

  • Multiple Response Optimization for Y-hat, S-hat and Cpk - Optimize across all outputs simultaneously.
  • Surface, Contour, and Interaction Plots
  • Prediction with Confirmation Capability

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