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SimWare Pro - Design of Experiments

SimWare Pro

Understanding the theory of Design of Experiments (DOE) is important, but practice is invaluable. SimWare Pro incorporates several processes that lend themselves to analysis and optimization via DOE. SimWare Pro incorporates multiple designs and a DOE Wizard to assist in your analysis. Data can be exported to Excel in DOE Pro format for analysis with DOE Pro or your favorite statistical application.



Visually Attractive Simulators

SimWare Pro includes simulations that run the gamut from Space Shuttle Main Engine (shown right) to transactional processes such as Restaurant Performance.


Space Shuttle Multiple Engine Simware Simulator
Temperature SimWare Simulator

Varying Difficulty

SimWare Pro’s simulators vary from simple, single-response, linear processes to non-linear multiple response processes. The multiple response simulations enable you (1) to practice multiple response optimization and (2) to trade off one response with another.



DOE Pro Integration

Since Design of Experiments is critical in simulations with unknown transfer functions, SimWare Pro provides integration with DOE Pro. The designs created in SimWare Pro can be exported to Excel in DOE Pro format, ready for regression and optimization.


Export DOE




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