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SimWare Pro - Design for Six Sigma

SimWare Pro

These days, competition is fierce. You’d better understand the impact of variation in design. DFSS tools such as Monte Carlo simulation, Robust Design, and Tolerance Allocation are tough to understand and even tougher to perform. SimWare Pro has come to the rescue by handing you the tools you need to practice in a simulated environment. An added bonus: you can use Quantum XL or you favorite DFSS software package.



Known and Unknown Transfer Functions

SimWare Pro includes simulators with known and unknown transfer functions. The simulators with known transfer functions allow you to practice Monte Carlo simulation without DOE.


Spark Plug Simulator
Spark Plug Histogram

Histogram of Design Response

If you want a visual of the impact of variation, you can use SimWare Pro to create a histogram of the design response (output).



DOE Pro Integration

Since Design of Experiments is critical in simulations with unknown transfer functions, SimWare Pro provides integration with DOE Pro. The designs created in SimWare Pro can be exported to Excel in DOE Pro format, ready for regression and optimization.


Export model to DOE




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