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QuantumXl 2013

Smart Select

Quantum XL supports a feature called 'Smart Select'. This features allows you to select an entire column (or row) and Quantum XL will automatically select just the cells in that column that have data. This allows you to select data more quickly. It is particularly helpful if you have large amounts of data.


Simple Example

Source Data - Simple column of numbers, but the user has selected the entire column F.

entire column


Select any statistical tool. In this case, we used a Cpk. Note that Quantum XL has looked at the column and found that the numeric values are in cells F3:F11. This automatically becomes the selection.

step 2

Advanced Example

Smart Select also works with blank cells and multiple columns. For example, in the data set below the columns E and F were pre-selected by the user.

two columns selected


The user then selected a Cpk. Quantum XL automatically changed the selection to include a single range that contains all the data in columns E and F.

step 2

Large Datasets

Smart Select is extremely useful if you have large amounts of data. For example, if the data set has 10,000 data points, you are not required to select cells A1:A10001 (which would involve a lot of scrolling to find the end). With Smart Select, all you need to do is pre-select column A and start the analysis.

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