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QuantumXl 2013

Ribbon Interface

When you start Quantum XL in Excel 2007 (or later), it will create two new tabs in the ribbon bar: QXL Monte Carlo, QXL Stat Tools and QXL DOE.


QXL Stat Tools

The statistical tools ribbon is divided into the following sections:

ribbon stat tools


The DOE ribbon is divided into the following sections:

  • Create and modify design (Design Wizard, D-Optimal, ...)
  • Analyze design (Regression, Optimize and Charts)

ribbon stat tools

QXL Monte Carlo

The Monte Carlo ribbon is divided into the following sections:

  • Design. Use these tools for free-form model building (IO Manager, Mark input, …), support for IPO sheets, Merge designs, and marking/unmarking inputs and outputs.
  • Monte Carlo. Use this section to run Monte Carlo simulations, optimize models, or run one of the supported contribution tools.
  • Additional Tools. This section allows you to design scorecards, create Latin Hypercube Samples and Descriptive Samples for validation strategies, or create NOLHS designs which are ideal for multi-level experiments with deterministic simulators.

ribbon montecarlo

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