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Hypothesis Tests


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Quantum XL includes hypothesis test for mean, median, variance, and categorical data. The AutoTest feature selects the correct hypothesis test based on your data. Power users can select the desired hypothesis test directly.


Most hypothesis tests report include Box plot and Dot plot charts next to the results of the hypothesis test being performed.


Analyze the data and automatically run the test for variance and mean/median. This greatly reduces the time required to find and run the correct Hypothesis Test.

Advisor WizardAdvisor Wizard

The Advisor Wizard will ask you questions about your data and advise you on the correct test to perform.

VarianceTests for variance

Analyze dataset variance using F-test, Bartlett's test or Levene's test. Quantum XL will display test statistics, p Value, 95% Bonferroni CI for StDevs, and dataset statistics.

MeanTests for mean

Analyze the dataset mean using One-sample t-test, Two-sample t-test, Paired t-test, One-way ANOVA, or Two-way ANOVA nested or crossed.

MedianTests for median (analyze dataset median)

Analyze dataset median using 1-sample Wilcoxon test, 1-sample sign test, Mann-Whitney test, Friedman test, Kruskal-Wallis test or Mood's Median test.

Quantum XL will display test statistics, confidence interval for the median, dataset statistics, and p Value.

AttributeAttribute tests

Analyze qualitative data using the One proportion test, Two proportion test, Chi-Squared test, One Sample Poisson Rate Test and Two Sample Poisson Rate Test.

NormalityTest for normality

Test your dataset for normality.

Choose between Anderson–Darling, Shapiro–Wilk, or Kolmogorov–Smirnov test methods. Quantum XL will display the test statistic, p Value, and probability plot.

Power and sample sizePower and sample size analysis

Compute the statistical power of the test for a given sample size or calculate the required sample size.

Power and sample size analysis are calculated differently for different hypothesis tests.

Quantum XL supports power and sample size analysis for One sample t-test, Two sample t-test, Paired t-test, One-way ANOVA, One proportion test, Two proportions test, and Two variances test.