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QuantumXl 2013

Companion Tools

SnapSheets IntegrationQFD, FMEA, and Pugh

Integrated SnapSheets module creates and modifies Houses of Quality, Failure Mode and Effects Analysis, and Pugh Matrices in Microsoft Excel. All of the analyses are in Excel worksheets and charts, and can be shared with anyone who has Excel.

Component SwappingComponent Swapping

Component Swapping is a process used during divide and conquer to rapidly determine if a branch contains the root cause(s). It involves changing components between a Best of Best (BOB) and a Worst of Worst (WOW) system.

Decision TreesDecision Trees

Decision Tree is a visual decision making tool where the Expected Value or Expected Cost of a decision is structured and evaluated. It consists of branches and 3 types of nodes.

DSMDesign Structure Matrices

Design Structure Matrix is a compact matrix representation of a system. It is a square matrix that lists all system activities and dependencies between them. Quantum XL will allow you to create, modify and sequence DSM.

Stack/UnstackStack/Unstack columns

Transform your data between stacked and unstacked data formats in Excel.

Random NumbersRandom Number Generation

Random data can be generated from one or more of the supported distributions including Normal, Exponential, Uniform, Triangular, Log-Normal, Weibull, Gamma, Logistic, LogLogistic, Uniform Discrete, Poisson, Binomial, and Binary.

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