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QuantumXl 2013

Distribution Fitting

  • Auto Fit: Choose to rank order best fit by Anderson Darling p-Value, AIC (Akaike Information Criteria), or BIC (Bayesian Information Criteria).
  • Fit to Calculator: Distribution fitting leads to calculations. Enter LSL and/or USL and Quantum XL will calculate the area out of spec, dpm, and Cpk.
  • Non-Normal Cpk: Quantum XL will calculate the Cpk for all distributions it fits.
  • Probability Plots: All distributions include a probability plot with confidence bounds.
  • Johnson Transformation: Transform a dataset to normality.
  • Quantum XL supports fitting the following distributions: 2-Parameter Normal, 1-Parameter Exponential, 2-Parameter Exponential, 2-Parameter Logistic, 2-Parameter LogLogistic, 3-Parameter LogLogistic, 2-Parameter LogNormal, 3-Parameter LogNormal, 2-Parameter Weibull, 3-Parameter Weibull, 2-Parameter Gumbel/Smallest Extreme Value (SEV), and Johnson Distribution.