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Montgomery BookSPC XL and DOE Pro are featured in the text Managing, Controlling, and Improving Quality, by Montgomery, Jennings, and Pfund  April 2010, ©2011

SigmaZone Software Testimonials



“SPC XL is an important component of our Six Sigma program and our first choice in statistical software when improving transactional processes. The combination of SPC XL’s statistical charts and output with Microsoft’s Excel program is a perfect match and you can not beat the price to value.”


John Knutsen, Director of Quality at Microsoft’s operations division


Other Quotes

"Yes I got my hands on SimWare and it was worth its weight in gold.  Engineers like rockets and stuff like that.  It really drove the point home.  I worked with at home one weekend and did everything the hard way and it worked.  Then I started playing around with the different menu options and found what took me 4 hours to do I could accomplish in 10 minutes.  Oh well.  The bottom line, it works great." EMC User 


It [SimWare Pro] is a great tool and a very easy simulation for what I want it to do. - US Army User


Quantum XL rocks!

Quantum XL tools are very easy to use.

I especially like the new functionality in Quantum XL - I can see several cases where the tools will help me be more effective.

Quantum XL will also enable better work to be done faster.

The Quantum XL SW is very powerful and I liked getting to play with this.