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SnapSheets XL Top 49 List

Top 49 Reasons to get SnapSheets XL for $49

  1. This list only requires 49 reasons for $49, not 1000+ reasons.

  2. SnapSheets XL now includes Failure Mode Effects Analysis (FMEA) and Pugh Concept Selection.

  3. SnapSheets XL is extremely simple to use.

  4. We offer world class training services to help you get started.

  5. SnapSheets XL helps you create products and services to delight your customers.

  6. The article located here will help you get started understanding what QFD is and how it can help you.

  7. Working through a QFD implementation galvanizes teams and builds concurrence.

  8. Instead of spending precious time learning to use software (SnapSheets XL is easy to use), you can focus on your product/service and how to delight your customer.

  9. SnapSheets XL helps your team keep track of the big picture.

  10. With SnapSheets XL you can work within Microsoft Excel, an environment you are already familiar with.

  11. You can share results with anyone who has Excel. While you need SnapSheets XL to create and modify Houses of Quality, you only need Excel to view them.

  12. QFD can help you break down your project into manageable steps.

  13. SnapSheets XL can keep track of all customer requirements so you don’t lose track of anything in the development process.

  14. You can modify an existing pairwise comparison matrix without losing your existing data.

  15. QFD identifies what is important to your customer and how to make it happen.

  16. Create Paretos of pairwise comparison results to assist in interpretation of your data.

  17. SnapSheets XL has a wizard to help you get started and walk you through the process.

  18. SnapSheets XL includes a pairwise comparison matrix to assist in requirement prioritization.

  19. This list only requires 49 reasons for $49, not 1000+ reasons. (Yes, we said this already, but a reason this good is worth repeating.)

  20. SnapSheets XL allows you to add new rows (what's) without losing your existing work.

  21. You can add new columns (how's) without losing your existing work.

  22. You can Pareto the results of the Houses of Quality.

  23. SnapSheets XL includes an optional roof to correlate the tops of the houses.

  24. SnapSheets XL includes an optional competitive area to see how you stack up to the competition.

  25. When adding another House of Quality, the tops of the previous House are automatically entered into the rows of the next House.

  26. SnapSheets XL bases the next House of Quality on the previous House.

  27. SnapSheets XL comes with a tutorial to help you get started.

  28. Include an optional technical area to assist in metrics development.

  29. You can be using SnapSheets XL in a matter of minutes.

  30. SnapSheets XL is compatible with Excel 2000.

  31. SnapSheets XL is compatible with Excel 2002.

  32. SnapSheets XL is compatible with Excel 2003.

  33. SnapSheets XL is compatible with Excel 2007 and Excel 2010 32-bit.

  34. You are not forced into anyone else’s vision for the appropriate number of houses. Create 1, 4, 5, or even 100.

  35. Since SnapSheets XL is based on Excel, any formatting you can do in Excel you can do in SnapSheets XL.

  36. Modify existing Houses of Quality without losing data.

  37. We need to send our children to college.

  38. We are a Microsoft Certified Partner.

  39. SnapSheets XL is compatible with Windows XP.

  40. SnapSheets XL is compatible with Windows Vista.

  41. SnapSheets XL is compatible with Windows 7.

  42. It makes your life easier by reducing the hassle of complex software and home-grown spreadsheets.

  43. SnapSheets XL is available for online purchase, allowing you instant access to easy-to-use software.

  44. SnapSheets XL integrates well with other products through the unified menus.

  45. It is much easier to obtain approval for $49 than for $1000+.

  46. SnapSheets XL automatically calculates Totals but allows you to convert this into an Importance Rating so that you control the process, not the software.

  47. QFD is a great start to a DFSS deployment.

  48. SnapSheets XL is a great complement to Quantum XL, easing the transition to more advanced tools.

  49. You are spending thousands, if not millions of dollars in the development of a new product/service; SnapSheets XL can help you get the best results.

Did we mention it's only $49?

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