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SnapSheets XL update is available for all licensed users of QFD XL or SnapSheets XL.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get the upgrade?
You will need your serial number QX-####-###### (QX-4 digits-6 digits). When you have your serial number visit our upgrade page to obtain the upgrade.


Where do I find my serial number?
Click here for more information about finding your serial number.


What if I do not have or can not find a serial number?
Login to ShareIt's customer care web page with your order information to retrieve your CD Key.


Does "Free Upgrade" mean that SnapSheets XL is free to anyone?
No, you must have a legal purchased copy of the commercial version of QFD XL or SnapSheets XL. If you received a free copy, trial copy, demo copy, etc., then you are not entitled to a free upgrade. In simpler terms, if you or your company purchased SnapSheets XL then you are entitled to a free upgrade. If not, we would be happy to sell you a copy.


What do I do if I find a bug?
Please send an email with the bug information to