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Black Belt Suite Upgrade


Black Belt Suite 2010 is a free upgrade for users that have a serial number is in the form BB-XXXX-XXXXXX (where X is a numeric digit). For more information about the upgrade and how to obtain the upgrade, please read the FAQs below.

Frequently Asked Questions

What versions of Excel is Black Belt Suite 2010 compatible with?
Black Belt Suite 2010 is compatible with Excel 2000, 2002 (XP), 2003, and 2007.


Why is the upgrade free for licensed users of Black Belt Suite?
We have phenomenal customer service.


How do I get the upgrade?
You will need your serial number BB-####-###### (BB-4 digits-6 digits). When you have your serial number visit our upgrade page to obtain the upgrade.


Where do I find my serial number?
Click here for more information about finding your serial number.


What if I do not have or can not find a serial number?
If you do not have a serial number there is a modest upgrade fee to upgrade to the 2010 version. Contact AAA at 719-531-0777 for more information.


Does "Free Upgrade" mean that Black Belt Suite is free to anyone?
No, you must have a legal purchased copy of the commercial version of Black Belt Suite. If your received a free copy, trial copy, demo copy, etc., then you are not entitled to a free upgrade. In simpler terms, if you or your company purchased Black Belt Suite then you are entitled to a free upgrade. If not, we would be happy to sell you a copy.


What do I do if I find a bug?
Please send an email with the bug information to


What new features are in Black Belt Suite 2010 over previous versions?

Do I need to uninstall my old copy of Black Belt Suite?
No, but uninstalling the old copy will not hamper your install in any way.


I have heard that there are a lot of problems with Excel Add-Ins when using Excel 2007; is this true?
Initially there were a lot of issues with Excel 2007. However, Microsoft has fixed most of them through their software updates. If you have not updated to the latest service pack we highly encourage you to do so.