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QFD Features

SnapSheets XL Software includes Quality Function Deployment (QFD) features that will get you up and running quickly. Create and edit Houses of Quality (HOQ), rank order requirements using a Pairwise Comparison Matrix (PCM), Pareto and rank order Critical To Quality (CTQ) metrics, and much more. Competing software can cost $1,000+, see why so many are switching to SnapSheets XL.


For the QFD expert

SnapSheets XL lets you jump right in and start getting the benefits of a QFD package right away, no steep learning curve needed. Tap into the power of Microsoft Excel without spending time "tweaking" complex spreadsheets. See the features and screenshots below.

New to QFD?

Are you new to SnapSheets and looking for some guidance in how and when to use this powerful tool? You've come to the right place. Not only do we provide an easy to follow tutorial to get you started, we also offer consulting and training in SnapSheets to get your whole team up to speed together.

Click here for an article to get you moving in the right direction and to see our training options for QFD.

QFD Features

  • A picture is worth a thousand words. View the Screen Shots.
  • Seamless integration into Excel
  • Pair-wise comparison matrix to rank order requirements
  • Generate House of Quality (HOQ) from previous house
  • Pareto Critical To Quality (CTQ)
  • Optionally include different rooms in HOQ
  • Right click functionality to add and remove rows and columns
  • Add or remove rows and columns without loosing data
  • Share results with anyone who owns Excel
  • Right click functionality to modify matrix
  • Includes Failure Mode Effects Analysis (FMEA) Features and Pugh Concept Selection Features

Download a Trial version         

Take a Test Drive! Download the SnapSheets XL trial version and see for yourself! No registration, email, or hassle... just click and download.


Download Examples                 

Want to see what it will look like when completed? Download an Excel Workbook with example QFD, FMEA, and Pugh Templates.


Training and Coaching                 

Case studies/articles and training opportunities for QFD, FMEA, Pugh, DFSS, or Six Sigma from. We have provided training to many Fortune 500 companies and can help yours as well.

Seamless Integration into Excel 2000 or later

Excel 2003 Integration (click to enlarge)SnapSheets XL Software Excel Integration

Excel 2007 Integration (click to enlarge)
SnapSheets XL Software Excel 2007 Integration



QFD Examples

Larger House of Quality 
(click to enlarge)
QFD Big Picture

SnapSheets XL QFD Wizard
(click to enlarge)
QFD XL Wizard

Simplified small First House of Quality
with roof. (click to enlarge)  

First HOQ

First HOQ with rows added. No
retyping required. (click to enlarge)
 Cols added

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