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Digitally Signed Macros by

Quantum XL, SPC XL, SnapSheets XL, DOE PRO XL, DFSS Master, and DOE KISS have all been Digitally Signed by

In previous versions, when you started any of these applications you were greeted with the following screen. Enable Signed Macros


However, with the 2010 versions you should now see the following screen.


Macro Security



If you check "Always trust macros from this publisher" and then "Enable Macros" you will no longer have to enable the macros each time you start one of our applications.


Macro Security Final



With signed macros you can run our applications on macro security levels Low, Medium, and High. 


For more information on Digital Certificates, click here to see an overview.  Additionally, click here to read a Macro Security White Paper.